My Bass Fishing Lures, LLC is a fishing lure manufacturer dedicated to fishermen and fisherwomen who enjoy fishing as much as I do.  I designed and manufacture a fishing lure called: the Wigly Head (Patent Pending).  This lure gives any bait (real or artificial) side-to-side action when retrieved - regardless of the retrieval speed!


     My fishing buddies and I have been testing the Wigly Head Lure on many different soft bait and live bait here in Colorado, with great results!  We have used this lure to catch Trout, Bass, Crappie, Northern Pike and more! Check out my Products tab on all the custom soft bait lures along with the Wigly Head lures I have available.


Products made by My Bass Fishing Lures:

Soft Baits:

Birch Bug - A great Lure for dropping off the ledges or bouncing off the bottom!
Bluegill - A great baitfish imitation! Small fins provide extra action.
Minnow - This lure imitates many small baitfish! Perfect for combining with the Wigly Head for amazing action! Multiple sizes available to meet your needs.
Mud Bug - A great Lure for dropping off the ledges or bouncing off the bottom!
ring worm Ring Worm - An amazing worm imitation! Aggressive ribs increase the action.
swim shad Swim Shad - An awesome small baitfish imitation with a tail to add to the action. Combine this lure with the Wigly Head for even more realistic action!



Wigly Head - Combine this weighted spoon to any soft bait or live bait for amazing action!
hooks Hooks - Hooks to match all soft baits we sell.
Keepers Keepers - Helps hold the soft bait on the hook.



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